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Monoï de Bora Bora®

Tiare Tahiti & Coconut
The emblem of French Polynesia, the Tiare Tahiti (Gardenia taitensis), literally “flower of Tahiti”, exudes a sophisticated and bewitching fragrance. A beautiful snowy-white flower, this symbol of purity unveils softening, purifying and soothing properties.

The Coconut, a nutritive fruit of Tahiti, the Coconut from the coral beds (Cocos nucifera) is the white gold of Tahiti. It produces a clear oil of incomparable delicacy. Light and silky, it is appreciated for its moisturizing and nourishing properties.
Monoï de Bora Bora®
12 Perfumes : Tiare, Coconut, Mango, Jasmin, Pineaple, Papaya, Vanilla, Plumeria, Passion, Litchi, Aloe Vera, Bamboo
Un trésor naturel

A treasure

full of natural goodness
From traditions that stretch back thousands of years, Monoï de Bora Bora®, the sacred oil of the Polynesians, is much more than a natural personal care product. Obtained by macerating fresh Tiare Tahiti flowers in refined Coconut oil, it is a precious concentrate of sensuality, naturality and authenticity.

Un soin prodigieux

A prodigious

personal care
Moisturizing the skin, stimulating the body. From baby-care to Polynesian beauty rituals, Monoi de Bora Bora® is used to protect, nourish and smooth the skin. This precious oil rapidly penetrates and moisturizes the upper layers of the epidermis. Like a gentle stroke of wellbeing, Monoi de Bora Bora® places a delicately fragranced and sensual veil on silky and freshly re-vitalized skin.

Apaiser et satiner

Soothing the skin

exalting the oil’s sensual properties
A cult personal care product from the Pacific lagoons, Monoi de Bora Bora® has very strong moisturizing and repairing properties. After sunbathing, it soothes thirsty skin. This voluptuously fragranced nectar covers the body with a gracious and luminous veil. The senses are re-vitalized.

Réparer les cheveux

Hair repair

intense nourishment
Tahitian hair is constantly damaged by the sun,wind and sea-salt. To protect and enhance it, the Tahitians have a sensual and traditional personal care product, Monoi de Bora Bora®. A veritable enhancing sap, its repairing and conditioning properties leave the hair soft, supple and shiny. Its fragrance transports you to the magical world of lagoons and coral beaches.

Libérer le corps

Release the body

re-establish its emotional balance
Monoi de Bora Bora® is a natural product that allows relaxation of the body and mind by provoking new sensations. An inexhaustible source of wellbeing, Monoi has been used for thousands of years by the Ma’ohi as a massage oil. The ritual massage of Polynesia known as Taurumi is a moment of pleasure that re-establishes the circulation of energies and inspires the magical strength of the islands. It breaks down the boundaries between body and mind for an incredible feeling of wellbeing.

Bora Bora Monoi
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